Poisons of Caux


Trilogy Website

Aimed at grades 3-7, or ages 8-12, the Caux books were published between 2010-2011 and have been heralded as “Bewitching” by Publishers Weekly and “an imaginary place to stand alongside Harry Potter’s world, replete with tasty villains and true-hearted heroines,” by Booklist. In late 2013, the series was included in the American Natural History Museum’s “The Power of Poison” exhibit, with Appelbaum as both consultant for the show and a featured author with a book signing.



This site was a complete labor of love. Have a look and be sure to click on everything!


Ivy's Journal

The main character kept a journal of all her discoveries. Have a peek.

Field Guide

The author was asked to read in the classroom for many schools so she needed something to excite the children beyond the story. We designed a book that she could flip through as she spoke about the characters and their collections. Have a flip through here. 

Friends of caux

The characters that are woven through the books inspired a photo album of weirdos. Be sure to click on the raven in the lower right to get inside, then tap the picture frame hanging on the wall. Just about everything has something to show you.