HauteLife Press


Haute Life Press

HauteLife is a full-circle marketing and media platform that produces unique, custom magazines for high-profile chefs and restaurateurs. 



Branding and marketing

HauteLife, as a company, wears many hats. From publishing magazines to producing and promoting epicurean events their brand had to be flexible and recognizable across many platforms. We designed the overall look to move with their needs.


Editorial Design

The chefs took center stage in their very own magazines. We designed around the stories they wanted to share with their patrons. Their travels, inspirations, history, and favorite recipes quickly became the foodie collectors item.

website & APP

We designed a site to be easily updatable by many contributors with little to no technical expertise. Have a look here.We also worked with a company that was beta testing an app program using a simple backend platform. It was interesting to get into but not practical for long term use so it faded out quickly. 


Series and Cookbooks

The iconic Manhattan restaurant Gotham Bar & Grill has always been on the forefront of farm-to-table dining. The stories, relationships, and inspirational recipes are shared in their magazines as well as the Green Market to Gotham cookbook. Check it out here.