Elite Minds Montessori


Elite Minds Montessori

Elite Minds Montessori is a private preschool in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn offering a nurturing multilingual (English, Spanish and French) environment where children can develop their unique skills and potential by engaging their minds in art, music and play in a traditional Montessori setting. We were brought in at the start to help build their image and presence in the neighborhood.



They came to us with a vision of infinite growth and development.



The first step for a new school starting up in a booming neighborhood is getting the word out. Before the construction to build had even started they needed to introduce themselves and start enrollment for fall opening. We have been soft launching with flyers and marketing materials while we continue to work on the internal materials they will need throughout the year.



We had to get a very simple information site up that served several purposes. To get their information out, start gathering a list of interested parents, have a simple application form, and a place for recruiting potential educators.
Have a look here.


color extension

Educators should spend their time teaching the children, not administrative responsibilities. We are working on color coding and streamlining the process to make it easier for the teachers to communicate with the parents as well as a closed site for parents to see the work and pictures of the classes.